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5 Years Later

It was cooler than it is today five years ago, but the sky was the same. A little overcast, but sunny, and it felt grey. A few days earlier we had celebrated my father-out-law’s (former father-in-law) 65th birthday at a fancy restaurant. A fancy restaurant where Liam and I got food poisoning. My 10-month-old had… Continue reading 5 Years Later

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Bending in the Wind

If you have been involved in a relationship with a narcissist the first direction you will receive from all self-help books on the subject of narcissistic abuse is to cut off all contact. If you have left a domestic relationship that was abusive, being subjected to contact with your abuser can trigger anxiety attacks, flashbacks,… Continue reading Bending in the Wind

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Me and Brené , Cultivating Meaningful Work

In the United States we put so much of our identity on a career. What is the first thing you say to someone at a party? “What do you do?” I am guilty as charged. Our careers take up the vast majority of our lives so they are important. But are they meaningful?

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Me and Brené, Cultivating Self Compassion

I have been avoiding writing about this guidepost for two weeks now. Why? Because it is probably my biggest struggle. Today we look at "Cultivating Self Compassion: Letting Go of Perfectionism." I have never researched it but maybe having an eating disorder leads you to the expectation of “perfect” and unattainable goals in all areas… Continue reading Me and Brené, Cultivating Self Compassion

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Me and Brené and My Journey Back from Shame

The last few months of 2014 were really tough for me. I had a new husband who proved to me more every day to be exactly the man I dreamed of sharing my life with. I had a beautiful little boy who, despite showing some signs of wear from dealing with his father in new… Continue reading Me and Brené and My Journey Back from Shame