Emotional Abuse

tagged girlDoes your partner exert control over you by:

  • Calling you names, insulting you or continually criticizing you;
  • Trying to isolate you from family or friends;
  • Acting jealous, mistrustful, or possessive or even accusing you of cheating;
  • Demanding to know where you are every minute;
  • Withholding affection as a way of punishment;
  • Threatening to hurt you, your family or your pets;
  • Humiliating you;
  • Blaming you for the abuse;
  • Cheating on you and then blaming you for his or her behavior;
  • Trying to control what you wear;
  • Telling you that you are lucky to be with a person like them and you will never find anyone better?

If any of these behaviors sounds familiar you could be in an emotional abusive relationship.

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