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90 Minute Teen Dating Violence Workshop

Awareness and primary prevention session that teaches teenagers the warning signs of unhealthy relationships, how to help friends in danger, and ways to be a good partner. Suitable for classrooms, church youth groups, scouts and teams. February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month.

60 Minute Classroom Q&A

A personal account of either sexual or domestic violence with open question and answer session. Includes a brief introduction to “What is rape/consent?” or “What is Domestic Violence? Ten Warning Signs.”

Gender Violence (In Development)

Geared specifically for young men, this program empowers young men to move from bystander to advocate. Discussion on gender violence in the forms of sexual assault, harassment, sexism, and domestic violence is discussed.

Gender Violence (In Development)

The above programming framed in the context of participation of both young men and women and how they can break down dangerous societal norms to prevent gender violence in their communities.

Unitarian Universalist Lay Led Services

“A Community Response to a Cultural Silence” looks at ways we can address domestic violence as a faith-based community. Sermon, readings, and musical selections in place. Can also tailor for individual congregational needs. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

“I Never Called It Rape” addresses the epidemic of acquaintance rape. A community look at how we can talk to our young people about consent and healthy relationships. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

“Building Beloved Community Through Shared Experience” uses an interactive exercise in self-identification to forge new alliances find commonality in our congregations.


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