Financial Abuse


If your partner:

  • Refuses to give you money to pay for necessities like food, clothing, transportation, or medical care;
  • Gives you an allowance and demands receipts for purchases;
  • Forbids you to work or limits the amount of work you can do;
  • Denies you access to your paycheck by depositing it into their account;
  • Prevents you having access to bank accounts;
  • Ruins your credit score by maxing out credit cards in your name not paying the bills;
  • Steals money from you or your family, including your children;
  • Refuses to work or contribute to the household;

you may be experiencing financial abuse.  Fear of becoming homeless or not having the money to leave is one of the top reasons victims stay in an abusive relationship.

Learn more about the Purple Purse and how you can help others break free from a financially abusive relationship.

purple purse

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