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Weathering the Storm

Sometimes the Universe conspires to meet you where you are, push you forward to where you need to be. Two weeks ago a series of family court decisions rocked our house. While in the end nothing really changed for the time, we had hope and peace ripped out from under us and I think we… Continue reading Weathering the Storm

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Wholehearted Parenting in Practice: Part 3

This is the third in a four-part series. Aidan’s “first day” as a girl was exciting. She and I went to the beach on a warm April day, only to find it was pretty cold at the beach but she was wearing what would become her new favorite outfit, a dinosaur skort with a lovey… Continue reading Wholehearted Parenting in Practice: Part 3

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5 Years Later

It was cooler than it is today five years ago, but the sky was the same. A little overcast, but sunny, and it felt grey. A few days earlier we had celebrated my father-out-law’s (former father-in-law) 65th birthday at a fancy restaurant. A fancy restaurant where Aidan and I got food poisoning. My 10-month-old had… Continue reading 5 Years Later

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Reclaiming My Body After Sexual Violence

Trigger warning I am so inspired by the things I read about women who are not only reclaiming their own voices, but also their bodies. I am even more moved by women who are going a step further into vulnerability by helping other women do the same. I was blown away the first time I… Continue reading Reclaiming My Body After Sexual Violence

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Me and Brené and My Journey Back from Shame

The last few months of 2014 were really tough for me. I had a new husband who proved to me more every day to be exactly the man I dreamed of sharing my life with. I had a beautiful little boy who, despite showing some signs of wear from dealing with his father in new… Continue reading Me and Brené and My Journey Back from Shame