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Look for the helpers.

Late Sunday afternoon it occurred to me that I had heard nothing about Hurricane Harvey. That was all we’d heard about Friday and Saturday, the massive storm about to hit the Texas Gulf Coast. I found it odd that there wasn’t a prayer said for the victims of Harvey at church that morning. Though I… Continue reading Look for the helpers.

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“Even heroes have the right to bleed”

This week, I did not go to work, not because I didn’t want to but because I couldn’t. I am walking the fine line of keeping my shit together and completely falling apart. I know that, and I also know what my priorities are, which are different than they used to be. Work or a… Continue reading “Even heroes have the right to bleed”

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Me and Brené, Cultivating Self Compassion

I have been avoiding writing about this guidepost for two weeks now. Why? Because it is probably my biggest struggle. Today we look at "Cultivating Self Compassion: Letting Go of Perfectionism." I have never researched it but maybe having an eating disorder leads you to the expectation of “perfect” and unattainable goals in all areas… Continue reading Me and Brené, Cultivating Self Compassion