My Short Story

I am a wife, mother, performer, and advocate in New Jersey. Not always a New Jerseyan, I spent my first 5 years in Lincoln, Nebraska (GO BIG RED!) and the rest of my childhood in a small town in Iowa. My father, who drank relentlessly, left us for good when I was 8 and I spent much of my childhood trying to figure out what we’d done so wrong to make him not love us.

Since then, my life has been marked with successes and failures, and more trauma. Repeated sexual and physical assaults by men to be exact. Determined to reclaim some of the humor, energy, and sharp wit that was such a part of me prior to meeting my ex-husband (XN), I found healing in my own words. I found healing in trying to prevent young people from making the same mistakes I made through prevention education. I found healing in a community that accepted and loved me exactly as I am.

Not a writer or educator by trade or training, I moved to New York two months after I turned 18 to attend a theatre conservatory. I spent the first 6 years of my adult life moving from job to job at theatres across the country, finally settling down in New Jersey in 2005. I’ve worked in many fields in the theatre business and also do non-profit communications and digital marketing. But my real love is found in sharing my story.

From a young age, I accepted as fact that it was either me or someone else. Every time I was hurt by someone I told myself that it happened to me because if it had happened to someone else, maybe it would have broken them, that I could take it. Through years of volunteering with youth, I realized that there were lots of others hurting. Lots of other people think they are completely alone, that they will never truly live. I needed to share my personal experiences so that others knew that despite being damaged by trauma, they are not broken. We are not broken.

Peace and Love to you.


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