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What I’d Like To Say Is…

I wrote this thinking I wouldn’t publish it. I am scared to let it be seen by “the wrong people”. But if I am not honest in my writing and open about my struggle then what is the point? I feel completely alone in this right now and like the only mother who has ever… Continue reading What I’d Like To Say Is…

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Me and Brené, Cultivating Creativity

Did you share a bedroom with a sibling? I did for the first twelve years of my life. When my mom bought us the house that I think of as home (my parents have moved twice since I moved out) I got to have my own room for the first time. I had dreamed about… Continue reading Me and Brené, Cultivating Creativity

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Questioning My Faith in a Broken System

When I left our family court hearing early last Friday morning I was frustrated to hear the decision would be mailed to us later that day. In 2015 it was to be mailed on actual paper with a stamp and all. My husband was away for work all week. I turned Aidan over to his… Continue reading Questioning My Faith in a Broken System